Berlind is not in Germany

Davao City is the home to thousands of barbecue or ihaw-ihaw eateries and restaurants catering to a diverse range of classes. From the upscale to the hoi poloi.

Right smack in the middle of the dining scale is Berlind's Ihaw-Ihaw located in a nook along Jacinto Extension (near Central Convenience Store).

The eatery is frequented by students (because of its student-friendly prices) and also by office employees and professionals wanting to gorge on a hearty ihaw-ihaw meal.

Must try ihaw-ihaw or grilled specialties are their pork barbecue at P12/stick, baticulon (chicken gizzard) also at P12/stick and their bariles panga at P80/panga.

Pork barbeque P12/ stick

Tuna panga P80/order

You can also try their kinilaw (P30/order) or tinolang manok also at P30/order.

Together with three of my media colleagues we tried out Berlind's ihaw-ihaw offerings. We ordered 2 tuna panga, 5 pork barbecues, 2 kinilaw plus rice (P5/cup) and a litro of Coca-Cola our total bill was P335. Or P83/person if divided equally between the four of us.

If you're looking for a lunchtime ihaw-ihaw experience without worrying over the price, then you might want to try Berlind's Ihaw-Ihaw .


  1. sulit sa sarap, sulit sa presyo!

  2. PANGA FOR ONLY P80?! Amazing! :)

  3. yep P80 lang kaya sulit pero winner kanilang pork barbecue

  4. Wow, you got me on the Kinilaw and Tuna Panga. I would really love to try it there soon. Sulit na sulit nga talaga!:-)


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