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Davao City Foodie Tour Part 1

New restos and dining places are opening in Davao City adding excitement to the local food scene.

I visited three restaurants, two of which recently opened in the city; one is  a Japanese street-dining restaurant, the other is a rustic French-Filipino foodie destination and the third establishment features comfort food from around the world.

Kaizen Davao
Yokocho is a term for Japanese-street style dining, particularly those found in the small streets and alleyways of Japanese cities like Tokyo. Its casual, laidback ambiance is popular among the Japanese working class wanting a good chow after work, Yokocho restaurants has since became a popular dining areas for tourists as well. During their trip to Japan,  couple Dana and Chang Zapanta enjoyed their Yokocho experience so much that they wanted to bring it to Davao. Thus in 2016 Kaizen Davao was born. Chef Dana, a chef who once toiled in the kitchens of Japan concocted his line of Japanese-inspired fusion meals which consists of sushis, …

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