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Exploring Magsaysay Park

Magsaysay Park is one of the large parks in Davao City, at three-hectares it is the second-largest urban park in the city next to the four-hectare People's Park.

It is located in the eastern edge of Davao City Chinatown district, facing the park is the Chinatown's Unity Arch. Along the park's walls is the famed durian row where stalls sell varieties of durian.

American colonial-era planners envisioned wide avenues (Roxas) and boulevards (Quezon) for Davao City, open spaces like parks were planned particularly a vast waterfront promenade and park that spans the seaside area along the boulevard. However only Magsaysay Park remained of that green space when nearby Mini-Forest which was a shaded tree park gave way to a settlement in the early 80s.

The park was built in the 1960s in honor of former President Ramon Magsaysay, who died in a plane crash in 1957. The Philippine Veterans Legion built a 25- meter landmark which contains a life-sized statue of the late President belo…

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