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#MAKEITSAFEPH "A plagiarism victim experience"

Plagiarism- the means of taking work, idea etc and passing it off as his original work or without consent of the source or crediting the source.

There was this one blog I made about the fabled beaches and islands of a certain town in Mindanao. It became a well-read blog article.

Then one day while reading an online newspaper article I chanced upon a news feature about a certain town in Mindanao, I noticed something familiar about the article, the words, the syntax of the paragraphs was like something I wrote a year ago.

I immediately accessed by blog and discovered that the author copied a portion of my article and just rearranged the sentences.

It was my first experience with plagiarism and it was in digital form. I felt disrespected because a great deal of work to travel and write a blog story only to have some armchair journalists lift your article and use it, claim it as theirs.

In another experience I was invited as an entertainment columnist of a local daily to witness the shoot…

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