Meeting Atty Raymond Fortun

When I was in law school, Atty. Raymond Fortun was one of my idol lawyers, particularly during the Erap impeachment coverage where he was part of President Estrada's defense team together with his brother Atty. Sigfrid Fortun, Atty. Estelito Mendoza and Atty. Jose Flaminiano.

Last Friday I got to meet Atty. Raymund as a resource person of a wedding photography workshop. Yessir aside from lawyering he is into wedding photography having done more than 300 weddings way back when he first started out in 2008.

The workshop was conducted by Jaycees Daba-Daba chapter, joining Attorney was Bicolano fashion photographer Juvy Abion who gave us useful tips on fashion photography.

After a lecture on the business of wedding photography, Atty Fortun then showed us his trade secrets in photography; his styles particularly on posing, angles, detail shoots etc.PLUS his love for Canon which is irritating especially if you love NIKON (joke lang)

Going into wedding photography is indeed a serious business, you have to be an utmost professional when going into a venture. You have to be prepared; from being physically fit, observing proper decorum, dress code, hygiene and punctuality then having the right tools on the wedding-day (acquire it or borrow it.)

Also he emphasized on getting it right on the camera rather than over-reliance on post processing (photoshop) then most important of all is to have fun and be creative, go out of the box and be extraordinary because weddings happen only once.

(special thanks to Ria Jose, Juvy Abion, Divine Magtoto, Melody Tinoy, Carmen Smith and Jaycees Daba-Daba)


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