Inside the Pastor's Glory Mountain

It is said to be the largest concentration of pine trees in the whole country. The Glory Mountain of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy and his Kingdom of Jesus Christ the Name above Every Name is a 50-hectare pine forest located in the foothills of Mt. Apo (Barangay Tamayong, Calinan District).

The place is planted to more than 40,000 pine trees mostly Benguet Pine, these pines are mostly 6-year old trees. According to Pastor Quiboloy, the property was once a logged-over area and carefully restored to its pristine state thus he describes the place as a restored paradise.

The Glory Mountain is surrounded by the remaining forests of Mt. Apo National Park and encroaching banana plantations. Inside the forest well-kept lawns and landscaped hiking trails will lead you to the farthest corner of the property.

There is a log cabin inside where the Pastor stays when he visits the place, sometimes he pitches a tent under the pine trees when he feels like camping it out overnight.

Pastor says he plans to open the mountain hideaway to the public if improvements in the area will be completed. Plans are afoot for the development of more trails which can accommodate golf carts as means of transport, the expansion of a small lake in the upper portion of the property. more log cabins, comfort rooms, restaurants and other facilities.

Nestled at around 3,700 feet above sea level at its lowest point to about 5,000 feet asl at its highest elevation, Glory Mountain is Davao City's best kept secret, it is a sprawling pine park. According to one visitor it feels like you are not in the country because of the pine trees.

As to why he planted pine trees? More than aesthetics Pastor ACQ says that pine trees are one of nature's most efficient airconditioners and air purifiers. The Glory Mountain he also said is his contribution to the Government's National Greening Program.


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