I was more of a couch potato during the past Kadayawans preferring to watch it on local television as some networks would provide live coverage on indak-indak sa kadalanan (street dancing) and the floral float parade, two events which are the centerpieces of the festival dubbed as the King of Festivals or the Festival of Festivals.

However when I got into photography, I slowly developed my liking to witness the festivities along the streets. It started last year with my friends from the Bounce workshops, I tried it again this year together with the Maniniyot Community group. Here are some of my photos. (special thanks to shoot buddy Sherwin Estacio for the lens, Sir Bong Aportadera for the media pass, festival director Lisette Marques who is also my high school batchmate and Kasuy Street neighbor, Marc Faith Wales and Ms. Jojie Alcantara for the very informative and sumptuous pre-kadayawan press conferences and the whole Maniniyot Community)

shot using Nikon D90 and nikkor 14-24 f2.8


  1. nice shots! these photos even with out words will really tell you why Kadayawan is called the King of Festivals!

    Happy Kadayawan!

  2. galenga ng mga kuha mo, dolpo. buhay na buhay bawat photo. thumbs up!


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