Davao City's Cleanergy Park

Mangrove tree planting (from Davao Light website)

Over at lunch I got to interview Aboitiz Power corporate communications manager Willy Rodolfo, our  topic was Aboitiz Equity Ventures' Cleanergy Park.

It would be the name of their sprawling property in Punta Dumalag, a small peninsula jutting off Matina Aplaya. 

It was the site of a former turtle sanctuary and is a favorite photoshoot location for many photographers and filmmakers because of its seascapes and one of the very few forested areas inside the city. 

photographers inside the property

The property with its beaches and forests is a
perfect location for photoshoots.

Inside  eight-hectare seaside property once stood the vacation house for executives of the Davao Light Power Company (an Aboitiz company) and also served as a training area for its linemen. 

Within its vicinity is the 37-hectare Marine Protected Area established by the City Government in 2007. The only white-sand beach in Davao City is located in the area, which is also a sea turtle nesting ground.

sea turtles inside the property (from DLPC website)

According to Willy- the Aboitiz Equity Ventures, the holdings company of the Aboitiz Group decided to turn the property into a nature park where people will be educated about biodiversity. It will also be the biggest park in the city.

The current natural feature of the site which they named as the Cleanergy Park will be preserved and in fact more trees particularly mangroves will be planted in the area.

Last November the whole employees of the Aboitiz Group in Mindanao flocked to the site to plant 2,000 trees to jumpstart the Cleanergy Park project. Rodolfo said that aside from 2,000 fruit and forest trees about 2,000 mangroves will be planted in the area. The trees will be geotagged and information about these trees will be posted inside the park forming an integral part of their eco-trail.

Among the plans include a gazebo which will serve as a welcome area and a classroom, an eco-trail, a weather station which aims to provide location-specific weather information and a lighthouse in partnership with the Philippine Coast Guard.

In its development timeline for 2014 plans are up for a scientific baseline research of the area, geo-tagging of trees, the establishment of an organic farm, infrastructure improvements such as guard house, boardwalk and rest stations and view decks.

By 2015 a turtle habitat conservation program will commence, the fish sanctuary project with giant reefs and giant clams seeding will be started and the setting up of a weather satellite station will also be part of the plans.

The park is also envisioned as a renewable energy area as solar and wind power will be used in lighting up the area.

The place is still open to photographers and will still be a photographer's haven as much of the natural landscape will remain untouched and will be preserved and guarded from encroachment.

In fact several individuals have tried to claim foreshore areas along the fabled white sand beach and mangrove areas. Currently Aboitiz is trying to settle legal matters over the property's shoreline.

He added that the park will be open for the public to enjoy the unique biodiversity of the area with its mangroves and beach forests, park benches will be put up within its eco-trails.


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