Back to photoshoots

The past three months prior to February was quite hectic with lots of work and activities, photography had to take a back seat unless it was commissioned projects.

It was only last February when I was able to go back into photoshoots/ fun shoots. Raph convinced me to go with Joemar and his model, a colehiyala named Prexy for a shoot at the former Pawikan Sanctuary.

Prexy hails from General Santos City, she's currently studying at Ateneo de Davao

A week after our shoot with Prexy, the MCOM group held a photoshoot during the aspirants acceptance, an activity where we formally welcome the group's aspirants into the roster of regular members. Part of the activity was a brief talk by freelance stylist and writer Kristine Serrano, who had worked for Manila Bulletin's Style Weekend and Her talk delved into the importance of styling in photography.

Kristine during the talk

On the photoshoot held during the afternoon we had models Kenny and Aubrey.


Found new photography styles and techniques while working on the shoots. It's nice to be back clicking.


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