Recent Portraits

Of all photographic subjects I prefer to shoot portraits or portrait-inspired snapshots, It feels like there is a story hidden and stored in varied human emotions or state of expressions captured on cam. Have not been shooting that much lately, but hoping I can find time to go out and shoot people... with a camera.

Kim Garrido Yap during a Dorothy Perkins shoot for Edge Davao. The pictorial was done
at the Camella Northpoint Clubhouse,  Kim is such a lovely lady, one of my favorite models
(HMUA Alex Monton)

My high school pal Dino during his pre-wedding pictorial,   it was high noon at Waterfront Davao poolside just a few hours before his wedding, I was part of the  entourage being one of the groomsmen,  managed to take a snap of him during the shooting break.

My sister Ria during a shoot for her birthday.  HMUA- Ichiko Nails and Days Spa
2011 Mutya ng Dabaw Irenee Lascuna during a shoot at Atty. Brian Dexter Medija's house,
Brian, my former classmate in law school is also heavily into photography. HMUA Brian Berdos.
Irenee is currently an assistant teacher in a Japan 

A young participant of the street dancing event during the recent Kadayawan. August 18 a hectic day for me that time but I managed to squeeze in  a few hours during the morning to join the throng of photographers shooting the Indak-Indak (street dancing) spectacle.

TV morning girl Cherry Maning, I was tagging along Cherry and her friend Farrah while shopping at Abreeza Mall when I managed to snap a photo of her fitting a lovely pair of  shoes. 


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