A Cherry Afternoon

Just last week, the long-planned hush-hush shoot for Ms. Cherry Maning was a go. It was going to be a small affair limited to photographers with whom Ms. Maning was familiar with.

Aside from shooting one of local TV's most loveliest faces Cherry completes the triumvirate of lady hosts in the local morning TV show Una Ka Bai, shown on GMA TV5 which I had captured on cam.

I first got to shoot Sarah, one of my friends in the profession who was the original host of the morning show along with Derf Maiz. Then I got the chance to photograph Anna Sotto who filled in after Sarah left for Manila to be with her husband Xandy


And now I got to shoot Cherry, who currently co-hosts the show along with Anna and Derf

I remember getting a shot of Cherry during her pageant days as a Mutya ng Dabaw hopeful, way back in 2010.

Cherry early 2010

Cherry early 2012

Time just like a cocoon has transformed Cherry or Koy to her peers into a lady of exquisite beauty.

A nursing graduate of San Pedro College she was a former flight attendant working for Cebu Pacific before joining Mutya ng Dabaw in 2010 where she took the title Sinag ng Dabaw.

HMUA Kaye Garino special thanks to Ichiko Nails and Day Spa, Clothes by Style Oven Frances Tendencia and Jojo Buladaco.

Location: The Modern House Guadalupe Lanang  http://www.davaosale.com/hgdvo/modern/modern2.htm, Special thanks to Mr. Hermes Dionela 


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