portraiture: Duterte Street

Instead of crowding around during P-Noy's visit at Marco Polo Davao. I went to Claveria Street just in front of the hotel where some photojournalists were waiting for some action. Some protesters had managed to make a lightning rally at the freedom park which is located at the junction of Claveria and Roxas.

By-the-way Freedom park is not the name of the park, it is a constitutionally designated area where people are allowed to hold their rallies, the park fronting City Triangle is called Clifford Park (named after a US army officer killed during the liberation of Davao in World War II) while the park fronting Ateneo is called Millenium Park (it was renovated in the year 2000 hence called Millenium Park). At the Freedom Park, Vice-Mayor Rody Duterte managed to approach the small group of protesters and make a few chit-chat, during their small talk I managed to snap this shot.


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