The Films of the 12th Mindanao Film Festival


1.       Baboy Halas- A family of forest dwellers become unsettled when something unusual arrives. (1 hour and 30 minutes) (Davao City)
2.       Crescent Rising-Three portraits of different lives caught in between a crossfire of unwavering faith and ambiguous history. (1 hour 30 mins) (Zamboanga City)


1.            Dear Mama- A neglected child writes a letter to his mother, expressing his unrequited love,  (12 mins. 25 sec) (Davao City)
2.            Kapanglawan- Joseph a sociable creative designer meets Isabelle an introvert undergoing depression, the two develop an unlikely friendship only to be tested by their diverse personalities, (TRT 39 mins) (Davao City)
3.            Handuraw- Andoy, a gay young man is repeatedly punished and manhandled by his abusive father, beyond the scorn of Andoy’s father lies a deep secret. (26 mins. 31 secs) (Davao City)
4.            A Fading Heritage- A documentary about the indigenous peoples of Limonsudan, an upland village in Iligan City. A window to a fading culture (TRT 33:33) (Iligan City)
5.            Allyn- A story of a millennial girl who finds solace in her online world. (TRT 13:36) (Davao City)
6.            Anito- Animated short about a young kid who wanders in the world of the engkantos (6 mins.) (Davao City)
7.            Asay- A short film which focuses on the lives of Asays, professional party gatecrashers (24 mins., 13 sec) (Nabunturan Comval)
8.            Bahandi ni Lola- A fresh college graduate tries to introduce change in her grandmother’s store, however despite the onset of modernity, there are things from the past that need not change. (9 mins. 10 sec) (Nabunturan, Comval)
9.            Belo- A young man with an ill mother engages in online porn. (16 mins 14 sec.) (Nabunturan, Comval)
10.          Bobby- A bullied pupil seeks revenge against his tormentors- his classmates. (22 mins 13) (Davao City)
11.          Ang Agimat- A group of friends tries to save the world with the aid of a magical amulet (Davao City)
12.          God Must Think I’m Cain- Cops tries to pry out vital information from a recently-rescued hostage. (22 mins. 13 secs) (Cagayan de Oro City)
13.          Soulmate- A man looking for his soulmate gets himself into zany misadventures (12 mins. 34)  (Cagayan de Oro)
14.          Static- An accountant working for a crime syndicate runs for his life, while a mob boss tries to clean up the mess. (10 mins 52 sec) (Cagayan de Oro)
15.          Orpheus- An experimental short (4 mins) (Cagayan de Oro)
16.          Dagan-  Two siblings are caught in a deadly war against drugs (14 mins 15 sec) (General Santos)
17.          Abal- A young woman is confronted by her past and returns to her roots (18 mins. 11 secs) (General Santos City)
18.          Bulong- After their parents death,  Two sisters battle each other’s demons  (13 mins. 8 secs) (General Santos)
19.          Lapok- A young lady decides to make a stand that will ultimately change her life (26 mins 15 secs) (General Santos)
20.          Dasal- Marlyn for the longest time holds back her feelings for her friend Joy, she prays for guidance. (LGBT) (22 mins. 23 secs) (Davao City)
21.          Fachada- A traumatic childhood shapes one of the country’s notorious criminal figure  (16 mins 01) (Ozamis City)
22.          Gaba- A party full of pranks, booze and drugs goes horribly awry. (10 mins 06 secs.) (Davao City)
23.          Higala- An act of honestly leads to friendship between a  beggar and a yuppie  (11 mins. 08 sec) (Cagayan de Oro City)
24.          Kapit-os-Due to a hard luck life, Dong engages in prostitution to support his siblings. He discovers one of his clients is HIV positive. He then makes a life-changing decision. (17 mins. 46 secs) (Davao City)
25.          Kathryn and Margaret- Kathryn a school bully strikes a friendship with Margaret. However, it won’t last for long as Margaret is stricken with a fatal illness. That friendship will leave a life-long lesson for Kathryn. (22 minutes, 45 seconds) (Davao City)
26.          Kinsa Ta- A group of bullied students creates a short film for their school’s film festival. One which fosters understanding instead of formenting hate against their bullies. (21 mins. 42 seconds) (Davao City)
27.          Lipstick- A young girl is sent to a University by her elder sister. Lack of finances in the big city forces the girl to engage in prostitution.  (18 mins. 28 seconds) (Davao City)
28.          Love- A young woman searches for her perfect love. (13 mins. 44 sec) (Davao City)
29.          Panggaw- Bebeng is chosen to represent the school in a quiz bee, her parents try to raise funds for her travel by selling mud crabs. However a more affluent parent tries to bribe Bebeng’s teacher to choose her daughter instead. ( 9 mins. 24 sec) (Nabunturan, Comval)
30.          Nino- In the middle of Sinulog, An assassin plies his trade. (14 mins. 58 secs) (Davao City)
31.          Ma’m La- Nearing retirement age, a distinguished teacher tries to make a difference to an illiterate street urchin. (17 mins. 27 secs. ) (Cagayan de Oro)
32.          Makaakar- The short film follows the life of a sick abantero (miner). (16 mins. 55 sec) (Nabunturan, Comval)
33.          First Time- A party girl and a school nerd spends the night strolling and talking around the city. Would it be their last or would there be a next time?  (15 mins. 03 secs) (Zamboanga City)
34.          Pagbarug Ta Pagtuon- A documentary which details the lives of Indigenous Peoples evacuees from Kapalong Davao del Norte and a mission teacher’s quest to bring education to the affected IP children  (23 mins. 27 sec) (Davao City)
35.          Pamugas- An aging gay beauty queen looks for new prospects to join the barangay Miss Gay pageant. (19 mins. 11 sec) (Nabunturan Compostela Valley Province)
36.          Panun- A deadly riot erupts between two warring youth gangs. The wheels of restorative justice begins to grind, one of rehabilitation and healing. (17 minutes 47 secs) (Davao City)
37.          Pulis- While rescuing kidnapped victims, a bemedaled cop is killed. His police partner remembers him as a follower of God who readily accepts his worldly fate.  (7 minutes 25 seconds)
38.          Sherador- The underworld is policed by ranks of dreaded gay assasins. (17 mins. 13 secs.) (Nabunturan, Compostela Valley)
39.          St. Monica- members of the St. Monica Support Group confront their own demons (20 mins. 52 seconds) (Davao City)
40.          Subang- The joys and hearbreak of an dirty ice cream peddler. (10 minutes, 58 seconds) (Iligan City)
41.          Ta-bas-Siblings deal with life’s uncertainties amidst the government’s brutal war against drugs.  (20 minutes 15 seconds) (Davao City)
42.          The Soil of Dreams- The documentary takes a peek into the lives of young men who gather river sand from the Cagayan de Oro River and how their lives change after Sendong. (52 mins. 38 seconds) (Cagayan de Oro)
43.          Warak- A man suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after being caught in the middle of conflict.  (8 minutes, 2 seconds) (Nabunturan, Compostela Valley)
44.          Yagapanaw- Left without no choice, a teacher leaves her school for greener pastures. (5 mins.  25 secs) (Nabunturan, Compostela Valley Province)
45.        Birthday Boy- A young man with a delusional disorder spends his birthday on the beach with his girlfriend and friends. Then all hell breaks loose when his delusions start to manifest. (psycho-thriller UM) (20 mins. 26 secs) (Davao City)
46.          The Project- A group of college students created a documentary about a polyphasic sleeper. (psycho thriller) (18 mins. 20 secs) (Davao City)
47.          Amboy- An American expat doubles as a drug mule, he finds the love of his life. (filmathon, drugs)
48.          Ako Bahala sa Imo- A man is confronted with so choices in life. Some of these may seem inconsequential but actually would make one big difference. (filmathon)
49.          Ang Hanas na Magsusugid- In the future, people hire narrators to tell how their week would turn out. Mia’s week is explained by a hired narrator. (filmathon)
50.          Halug- A man is forced out from his son. He tries to be with his boy just for one minute. (filmathon)
51.          A Father’s Promise- A man tries to fulfill a promise to his daughter (filmathon)
52.          Huwag na Lang- A budding romance nipped in the bud by political differences (filmathon)

53.          Tanum- A writer tries to come up with different concepts for his environmental-themed movie (filmathon)
54.          Balagtas- Follows the life of a poet, who works as an assassin by night. (filmathon)
55.          Sad Boys Club- Boys get rejected, they are friendzoned, they are the Sad Boys Club
56.          Saranggola- Tech-addicted kids are challenged to make and fly kites.
57.          Buboy- A young man must do anything for his ill-brother (Pop Dev.)
58.          Under a Canopy of Light- The filmmaker summons memories and remembrances of an eventful day in summer 33 years ago that has sparked decades of clan war. (11 mins. 33 sec)
59.          Panicupan- A village is North Cotabato is one where Moro, Lumad and Christian settlers joined hands in forging a harmonious relationshop. (13 mins. 10 sec.)
60.          Entre Media del Fin- After seven months of taking care of pregnant Ayesha, in hope for a child, Danny and Khalil are confronted with Ayesha’s decision to leave with her boyfriend, Omar.


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