My favorite food in Davao

Being a photographer and a member of the local media I have been exposed to different food spots around Metro Davao and got to taste their numerous specialties.

With so many restos and food establishments offering an array of mouth-watering delights.  Davao City is becoming a rich frontier for an adventurous foodie. Here are some of my favorite dishes which I got to try during my coverages and commissioned photoshoots.

Iberian Chicken from Pepper's Iberica

Pepper's Iberica used to be the old Pepper and Peppers, known for their Iberian chicken the new owners Chiqui and Allen Aportadera reopened the resto at a spot along Mabini Street in front of Stockbridge School (formerly Tumble Tots).

The Iberian Chicken is still a house specialty, it is baked in potatoes and olive oil for two hours (hence the advance order) the herbs and spices makes this dish worth the wait.

Spare Ribs from Filipino Comfort Food

"Bakit ka walang ka-date?"  The resto-owner Tony Boy Floirendo would ask me why I am all alone spending my dinner at the Filipino Comfort Food (FCF) when he chanced upon me one evening. But with spare ribs as delicious as this who would need a date.

According to Cathy Binag who runs FCF the spare ribs is old-school no-frills grilled ribs, dry without the sauce. She has a specially-made vinegar as a condiment for the ribs.

(FCF is located at Damosa IT Park just beside Concentrix.)

Kapampangan sisg from Abuelos
Abuelo's is one of the newly-opened food spots in the city. It is located along the Circumferential Road just beside Sea Green. One of their house specialties is the Kapampangan Sisig.

They take pride in being the only authentic Kapampangan sisig here in Davao City. Authenticity means staying true to the sisig's Kapampangan roots. The original sisig is made up of pig's mascara (face) and ears plus chicken liver. According to the owners having mayonaise or egg in a sisig is a mortal sin to  many Kapampangans. Just the same without the mayo or the egg, this sisig stands out, great as a pulutan or an ulam (viand).

Adobo Rice toppings from Bistro Selera

The adobo rice topping is actually an experimental dish concocted by Bistro Selera for the recent foodtography tour conducted by Jojie Alcantara. Pork adobo cubes mixed with salted egg atop the Bistro's signature fried rice is for me a winner, hoping they could incorporate it into their menu. (Bistro Selera  is at the 2nd level Fountain Court SM Lanang Premiere)

Pritong Paksiw na Buntot from Kusina sa Subli

In the middle of Lanzona Subdivision in suburban Matina, Kusina sa Subli is a haven of delectable Filipino-inspired comfort food. And one of their house specialty Pritong Paksiw na Buntot is a must-try. Deep-fried to perfection, their paksiw sauce makes this dish an addicting staple. (Kusina Sa Subli is at Subli Street, Lanzona Subd.)


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