My opening speech at the 10th Mindanao Film Festival

Maayong Gabii sa kaninyong tanan

Good evening.

I would like to acknowledge our honored guests, Councilor Antoinette Principe of the 3rd District of Davao,- Councilor Petite is the cousin of our featured filmmaker for the evening Adjani Arumpac; Councilor Al Ryan Alejandre of the 2nd District of Davao City-during the 1st Mindanao Film Festival in 2005, Councilor Alejandre was part of the cast of one film and also we have Wolfgang Doerner Program Manager of Forumzfd. thank you sir for supporting our young filmmakers.

Through these 10 years, the Mindanao Film Festival has its share of admirers, fans, supporters and also… critics.

The critics like to point out that the film festival has not improved, has been the same. The output qualitywise didn’t amount to be a significant improvement.

The critics maybe right, while screening some of the films I personally feel that some of our films needed improvement, the script, acting, cinematography, audio etc.

During our meetings I asked the foundation what is the direction of the festival, will we put stricter criteria or put these films into a more rigid curatorial process, that only the best would be shown or featured.

But the answer is…

Why wait for passion to refine into an exclusive craft.

Why not inspire others to try making films. By providing a film festival where they can show their stories carried in the medium of digital films. Where they can invite their families, friends or loved ones to watch.

To break the walls of this once exclusive enclave of cinema more accessible, no longer the domain of big studio people form Hollywood or mainstream Filipino movie companies or critically-acclaimed indie filmmakers.

That an ordinary Juan from a barrio in Nabunturan or from the streets of Agdao can make a film about their unique experiences, stories from their family, tales of their community. And show it on the silver screen.

There are many Juans and Marias in our midst, each with a rich imaginarium of stories to tell. . . And this is the goal of the Mindanao Film Festival as a venue for these films and their filmmakers.

Our theme is “Celebrating Regional Imaginations.” We honor the these creative minds has been fuelling our filmmaking movement into one of the active among all other regions in the country.

So this is our direction- For the Mindanao Film Festival to be a platform for up-and-coming Mindanaoan filmmakers to show their films. In the hopes that they will be inspired to follow their dreams. Later on as their passion dictates they will improve into fine craftsmen of their chosen art.

Maraming salamat po. Long live Mindanao regional cinema.


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