The Torch at Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche 2014 which will be held this Saturday (November 15) at the Davao Crocodile Park concert grounds is touted as the biggest dancefloor in the southern Philippines.

The party is a gathering of  26 DJs from all over the country and Torch Gacuma aka DJ Torch will be one of those top DJs representing Davao City.

DJ Torch, became a professional DJ in 2006 taking up residencies in the city’s top clubs like Liquid, Pops, Metro Lounge and Starr. He is currently under Manic Nightnings Productions and a resident DJ at Acropolis Superclub.

Rudolph: What’s in store, in terms of music for the crowd at Carte Blanche 2014?

DJ Torch: Well, dolph it’s a carousel ride of music. Trap, Dubstep, Deep House, Tech, Techno, progressive house, electro house. It’s all there.

R: How is Carte Blanche different from you usual gigs?

DJ: This is different because I won’t be by myself, I’ll be sharing the decks with Brylle Aguilar and Wacky Masbad.

R: To you DJs, how important is Carte Blanche? 

Torch: Carte Blanche is the time to become the DJ that we originally started. It is expressing ourselves thru the music which we will be playing.

R: How are you preparing for CB?

Torch:  Lots of research involved. I am watching out for those commonly played tracks  from the popular music festivals around the world and trying to come up with a  different way of presenting that music.

R: How is Carte Blanche 2014 different from that of last year?

Torch: For one, the DJ lineup is bigger, we’re bringing in the biggest names in the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) industry  in the country.

R: How is it playing with the top DJs in the country? Being with them for Carte Blanche?

Torch:  It is always a privilege to share the stage with them. They are friends but you cannot help but become starstruck. Mga idols ko sila.

R: Do you think our local DJs has got what it takes to be at par with the top DJs in the country? What are areas for improvement?

Torch: Yes Dabawenyo DJs can be at par, there so much room to improve on and grow from. I think one area would be on the selection of music. As DJs we need to push the envelope further and keep the listeners guessing what music will be played next. When the listeners grow the DJs grow as well.

R: Tell me, why will I come to Carte Blanche 2014?

Torch: You have to be at Carte Blanche because this is our party. This is proudly Davao, proudly Mindanao. There is no other Dance Music Festival in Mindanao like this one and this only happens once a year. With a kind of line-up we have for Carte Blanche 2014, it can only get bigger in the coming years. Who would not want to be part of history? And who knows we might break last year’s attendance record of 10,000 attendees.


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