Tokyo in Pictures

In November last year, I took a week off from work to join my sister Ria and her husband Dan with kids Derek and Danielle in Tokyo. Dan works for Google and was once assigned in Google Japan before being transferred to the office in the United States.

With the Delima family at the Otemon Gate of the Imperial Palace East Gardens

During the trip I brought with me my trusty Nikon D90 along with some lenses hoping it would be adequate enough to capture the sights around the city.

Tokyo is a metropolitan area similar to Metro Manila, which is composed of several local government units. Tokyo is comprised of about 23 Special Wards which are like small cities.

The Tokyo Metropolis is clean and orderly yet still retaining its unique cultural character. Aside from being ultra-modern and cosmopolitan, Tokyo got lots of historical/cultural sites like shrines, gardens, temples and palaces to roam around.

And just a few steps from these sites you will most likely come face-to-face with the country's fascinating pop culture.

Imperial Palace East Gardens, the Gardens are accessible to the public though the main palace grounds are off-limits.
The famous Shibuya Crossing, where thousands cross the busy intersection. Shibuya is one of the Special Wards of Tokyo it is known as a shopping center mostly popular to younger people.

A Lego representation of the famed Shibuya crossing on display at the Legoland in Odaiba

Near the famous Shibuya intersection is another famous landmark, the statue of Hachiko located just outside Shibuya train station.
People flock to the Meiji Shrine in Harajuku one of the districts in Shibuya

A Shinto Wedding at the Meiji Shrine.

Just outside the Tori gate of the Meiji Shrine is Harajuku Bridge, during Saturday afternoons, Japanese and foreign cosplayers converge on this bridge dressed as their anime/manga characters, Tourists try to mingle with these cosplayers and have their photos taken with them.

Cosplayers you would encounter at Harajuku Bridge

Takeshita Street near Harajuku, popular among young Japanese for its trendy shops. It is said that current fashion fads are tested on this street.
Sushi Feast in Roppongi
My nephews enjoying the traffic-free Ginza Street. Ginza is an upscale area in Tokyo known for its luxury shops. The main streets are pedestrianized in certain times of the week for tourists and shoppers.

An interesting sight along Ginza Street are the Ginza cats, placed atop the street sign. These cats are trained to be some sort of therapeutic pets for hospital patients, this particular training will help them get used to people.
Getting around Tokyo is through a subway transit system, known for precision and efficiency.
Sensoji is a Buddhist Temple in Asakusa district, you will also find souvenir shops in the area.
Honkan Building (Japanese Gallery) of the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Park
Samurai armor displayed at the museum

A Panda at Ueno Zoo, The Zoo is famed for its Panda conservation program
The 634-meter Tokyo Skytree towers over the Asakusa skyline
Google Mapping equipment on display at the Google Japan cafeteria.

One of the perks of being a Google employee is unlimited supply of free drinks and food at the office.
A replica of the Statue of Liberty in Odaiba Island. At the background is Odaiba Bridge (Rainbow Bridge) which connects the island to Tokyo. Odaiba island is a popular shopping and leisure destination.

Typical world-class Japanese infrastructure

A few hours from Tokyo is the highland town of Hakone. aboard the ropeway if you are lucky you will get to see Mt. Fuji in its full splendor


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