Pinoy Action Stars

Action films at the heyday of the Filipino movie industry were part and parcel of Pinoy culture. The action stars were considered as showbiz gods, idolized by many. The greatest of them, all the late Fernando Poe Jr. was considered as Da King because of his many blockbuster action movies.

Aside from the Da King there were action stars who paraded on the limelight with their slam-bang multi-million peso productions.

Rudy Fernandez- The late Rudy Fernandez or Daboy as he is fondly called, rose from a teenybopper actor to a certified action star with the film Bitayin si Baby Ama in 1976. Notable films include Ayaw Matulog ng Gabi, Markhang Bungo, Lagalag, Birador and Palaban. His last films signaled the end of the action film era.

Most of his action film characters was a man-on-a-mission kind of guy. A character focused on doing something despite the many distractions along the way.

My favorite Rudy Fernandez Film: Lagalag: The Eddie Fernandez Story 

famous line: "Trabaho lang ito, walang personalan." (Markang Bungo: The Bobby Ortega Story)


Philip Salvador- A Lino Brocka protege before making a name as an action star, he appeared in 17 Lino Brocka's films, many of the films were critically acclaimed and were the toast of the international film community.

By the mid 80s he starred in action films beginning with Gabi na Kumander, Afuang, Balweg, Boy Negro.

He is the emotional action hero. most of his films have him showcasing his dramatic emotions. His characters are fueled by tragic experiences like injustice. Lately he had reinvented himself as a character supporting actor mostly in drama and the occasional action-adventure films.

My favorite Philip Salvador film: Boy Negro.


Bong Revilla- He followed the footsteps of his father another great action hero Ramon Revilla Sr. not just in pulverizing bad guys in the silver screen but also by venturing into politics, he is currently a Senator of the Republic.

He started being an action star courtesy of the family's production outfit Imus Productions. Notable films include Boy Tornado, Alyas Pogi 1 and 2, Dugo ng Panday. While Star Cinema celebrates its 20th year it should be noted that its first film was a Bong Revilla's clan war action flick Adan Ronquillo.

Dubbed as the titanic action hero because his movies were big-budgeted productions, for example the Peque Gallaga/ Lore Reyes helmed film Dugo ng Panday was one of the most expensive Filipino film to be made at that time.

He is the family man action star, many of his films revolves around the family like Adan Ronquillo and the Walang Matigas na Pulis sa Matinik na Misis series. Lately he has been making big-budgeted family-friendly epic adventure films for the Metro Manila Film Festival  like Exodus, Resiklo, Ang Panday, Ang Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote. 

Some of his roles are messianic in character- viewed as the one who would save the community from oppressive evil, a reluctant or mysterious individual destined to be some sort of a hero (Alyas Pogi 2, Dugo ng Panday, Indio TV series).

Famous Line "Anak ng Teteng" (Alyas Pogi)

My favorite Bong Revilla Film: Resiklo.


Robin Padilla- He was the bad boy of Philippine movies in reel and real-life, the last of the great action stars in the golden age of Pinoy action movies. He was known for his blockbuster films like Utol kong Hoodlum, Bad Boy and Maging Sino Ka Man with mega star Sharon Cuneta.

In 1995 he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for illegal possession of firearms, courtesy of a law penned by a former action star- Senator Ramon Revilla Sr. the penalty for his crime was lightened and he was released in 1998.

He was Filipino action film's James Dean, a rebellious reluctant hero who won't conform to society's norms and ethics. And beneath the veneer of notoriety lies a chivalrous and courageous individual willing to sacrifice his life and fight for the common good.

Famous Line: "Champion ka talaga! taas ang kamay ko sa'yo! Nagkakgusto na nga ako sa'yo eh! Mahal na nga kita palagay ko! Maging sino ka man!"- (Maging Sino Ka Man)

My favorite Robin Padilla Film- Mistah


Cesar Montano- A theater actor before he joined the movies. He started becoming an action star in the early-mid 1990s among his action movies include Alyas Waway, Silakbo, Asero, Utol.

His action film character had that street-smart sarcasm which reminded you of Robin Padilla's action hero character. A sort of a bad boy type of action hero.

But playing a toughie action hero was just one  side of a gifted actor, he starred in serious drama films such as the epic Jose Rizal, Muro Ami and Bagong Buwan. Taking a notch higher he had a major part in a Hollywood war movie The Great Raid alongside Benjamin Bratt, James Franco and Sam Worthington.

He is still actively trying to resuscitate the action film genre by producing and starring in films such as the Hitman and Alfredo S. Lim: The Untold Stories.

 My favorite Cesar Montano film: Jose Rizal.


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