Boracay weekend

Though I had planned to visit Boracay many years back It was only just this month when the plan materialized, luckily I was along with a large group of friends from the photography group MCOM (Maniniyot Community) which made the trip pretty memorable.

The trip took us to Iloilo which was the destination of our flight from Davao, since we took the Cebu Pacific Davao-Ilolilo promo fare. Then from Iloilo was a 5-hour van ride to Barangay Caticlan in the town of Malay, Aklan the jump off point to the island.

In the trip I brought my Nikon D90 along with Nikkor 18-55, 55-200 and 35mm 1.8 lenses, hoping to at least immortalize my first trip to the island.

During mornings and afternoons we would walk the long stretch of the famed White Beach, which is perhaps the center of Boracay's tourism industry.

The physical characteristics of White beach (fine sand, gradual sloping) reminds me of Davao City's Times Beach except that Times Beach is black sand and White Beach waters are way pristine clear. But they are similar fine bathing beaches, though sadly we lost Times Beach to pollution and unabated development, hopefully the government can still preserve one of the world's best beaches.

White Beach unimpeded shoreline is a perfect example of a well-managed foreshore area which is a public domain  used in various ways; as a passage way, a recreation area or a buffer zone. More like a four-kilometer park, Boracay's white beach is closely administered by the government with various regulations in place, for example smoking and drinking at the foreshore area is strictly prohibited, tourism police regularly patrol the area.

Beyond the foreshore area are the rows of shops, restaurants and other establishments offering various services. The beach is divided into three boat stations.

We met Kiarja, sitting alone in the beach one fine afternoon. We initially thought
was a Korean since it's a peak season for East Asian tourists in the island, She's
from Legaspi City in Bicol and in her spare time models for photographers in
her hometown. 
In one of the beaches in the island.


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