Three years and a photo exhibit

Photography without bounderies, where learning is fun and wacky
                                                                               -MCOM motto
First group pic

It was in August 5, 2009 when seven individuals (Raph, Joemar, Kiev, Tina, Tammy, Paulo, Toto) met one evening at the Peoples Park.

They are a group of photography hobbyists, newbies to the field, many of them had just purchased their first DSLRs. For some it was their first personal meeting, though many of them were already Facebook friends and were in constant contact at the social networking site.

Eden Nature's Park photo by Joemar

MCOM's first shoot at Eden Nature's Park photo by Joemar

Their plan was just to meet up and share about their common newfound passion in photography and about their gears. However as the night went by ideas started to flow, they now wanted to form a simple compact group.

The name of the group would be finalized during their first shoot at Eden Nature's Park. They chose the name Maniniyot, a bisayan word for photographer to represent their Dabawenyo bisayan roots and the word Community since more than just a photography group they would want to share something to the community. Thus the name Maniniyot Community or MCOM.

The group expanded rapidly, I joined the group in the summer of 2010 courtesy of Paulo when I still had my reliable and trusty Nikon D40 with me. I remember the warm welcome I had with the group. I was shy at first but then gradually opened up to the super friendly group. This was a group where camera, gears or skills don't matter, once you're with MCOM you're in for the camaraderie.

By its first anniversary in 2010 we already had 20 members and by our third year we ballooned to 34.

MCOM's First Year Anniv with Tatay Rene Lumawag as guest speaker

Aside from photography-related activities I was able to witness some community-related activities like the Black Pencil Project where MCOM members donate pencils and provide photo documentation to Black Pencil Organization which provides much-needed pencils to poor indigenous school children in South Cotabato. There are the relief projects particularly during the Matina Pangi flooding and Tree Planting with the Philippine Air Force for the National Greening Program.

The coming third anniversary had us organizing a photo exhibit. not that we consider ourselves as masters of the art whose works are worthy of being showcased but the exhibit itself is contemplation of our short history as a group. A celebration of our sustaining passion for photography which has bounded this group together.

Tammy and Chawie photo by Joemar
A break after shooting Kadawayan 2011. Photo by Joemar

Learning photoshop

With Mayor Sara Duterte during shoot with Edge Davao. MCOM teamed up with Edge Davao for some shoots which were featured in Davao City's only business daily newspaper.

With Dabawenya celebrity Cherry Maning,

At the peak of Mt. Panigan in Calinan during the National Greening Program tree-planting project

Talicud Island coral gardens, summer get-away 2012

On to the Matina Pangi River for a shoot.

With photo-journalist Keith Bacongco

The instagram wall design at the Maniniyot@ The Living Room Exhibit

Maniniyot@The Living Room photo exhibit runs from August 11-25 at the Living Room Alternative Space, Anne Rey Building Mt. Apo Street near FTC Towers.

We would like to thank Migz Lisbona, Ega Carreon and Malaya Carrion for their much needed help and guidance in mounting the photo exhibit


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