Mr. Persistent and the Songstress; Juris and Gavin

Juris and Gavin by Nice Print Photography

“Darling, did you know that something happened to us?
Right before the future and right after the past
Did you smile when you found out what a wonderful thing it was?
We found an everlasting love….”

Everlasting Love

“Kapag may tiyaga, may nilaga” as the old Filipino adage would say, for software programmer Gavin Lim his dogged persistence finally netted in his one true love.

“It was in June 2004, he was invited to watch a gig at a bar by a friend. I was a budding recording artist then. He didn’t really know us, just heard of us and had no idea I was the singer when he saw me enter the bar.”Juris recalls her first meeting with Gavin.

Gavin told his friend about Juris and finds her cute; his friend would tell him that she was the band’s singer. After the set, Gavin mustered the courage to introduce himself to the cute singer. And that would be the start of their love story.

“I thought he was good looking, he forget to ask for my number which was a good thing since I don’t want that as well. I’m not really comfortable when someone asks for my number.” Juris recalls that night.

In the age of Friendster, Gavin messaged Juris in the social networking site the night after they met in the gig and asked for her number to which Juris flatly declined.

“It was thru Friendster that he would send messages I would read it then and not reply, unless kung mag thank you ako.

In February of 2005, Gavin would come to their gig, they would meet and there he would personally ask for Juris’ number. He revealed to Juris that he was frequenting their gigs but would not show himself to her. Juris gave Gavin her mobile phone number but would not reply to his SMS.

Two months later, he asked Juris for a date, his last resort as Juris has not shown any interest in him.

“I said I don’t date but just text me, call or go to my gigs. He was a bit hesitant with my answer thinking it was my way of rejecting him but he tried anyway.” Juris recalls.

Since then the two started texting and talking, Gavin would come to her gigs and eventually was finally able to visit her home.

By March the following year, Gavin’s patience finally paid off, the two began a relationship. On January 1, 2011 Gavin proposed marriage to Juris. And last November 19 2011, Juris and Gavin tied the knot at Mary the Queen Parish in Greenhills.

“I was actually calm, didn’t notice that I was teary-eyed when I reached the end of the aisle.” Juris reminisces her wedding day.

If she were to pick a song for Gavin she would choose Everlasting Love by The Company. “Because we found in each other our everlasting love,”Juris says. During the wedding reception no less than The Company performed one of their classic hits.

As for future plans Juris says- “No plans with having children yet but the decision naman has got nothing to do with my career. Few months lang na we hope to spend more time and makalipat na kame sa bahay na talaga (we could move to a house) anytime this year yun.”

Juris Bridal gown by: Tata Galias
Wedding Photos by NicePrint Photography and Mangored


  1. Awww... Cute story. Masubukan nga yang pagiging pakipot minsan. Hmmm...

  2. WOW! never heard juris was married last november. well, congrats Juris Fernandez-Lim.

  3. Mao jud na ang epekto sa tinu-uray nga gugma. That was interesting article. Showbis kaayo! Hahaha amping Taga-Davao kaayo ka ba. Imong picture sa imong pag-kita kita kaayo nako among balay. hahaha

  4. whoa! I didn't know Juris' was already married!

  5. glad they found each other. =)

  6. cute love story! i like that song too by The Company...

  7. Ha? Juris is married na pala. I'm so outdated, hehe.. Hoping for a relationship forever.
    Regards, Edmaration

  8. ohe. such a cute story. Gavin is very persistent that in the end he did get his dream girl and true love, Juris.

  9. awww, lovely story :) kala ko sila nung kabanda nya :)

  10. ang ganda ng love story... naalala ko tuloy kung paano ko nameet ang misis ko...

  11. .. .galing no... pag may tyaga talaga may nilaga true un!.. and may they love each other forever and ever...

  12. Kilig! Such a great love story...I'm a sucker for engagement stories. thanks for sharing their love story.

  13. congrats!nice real story,it's true true that love comes from unexpected places with an unexpected person in whom to be your lifetime partner...

  14. Love it is! Hoping my forever come soon as well :)


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