Late afternoon shoot at Sun City

Just last week we were given three-day leaves in the office which we could use this December. I chose my first day leave on the 8th of December just in time for a photoshoot with Tammy and her two equally gorgeous sisters. Tammy by the way is one of the founders of Maniniyot Community or MCOM of which I am a member.

All seemed well until one of our old vehicles broke down and I had to help fix it up. Thus I arrived at the shoot site in Sun City at around quarter to five. Just in time to shoot for one model. I chose Carla, one of Tammy's sisters.

Sun City is a residential development north of Davao just a short hop off from the Davao International Airport. The area has grassy fields and a sprawling field undergoing site development where perhaps a new subdivision will rise.

Carla looked like a cross between Kristine Hermosa, Ana Roces and Andi Eigenmman depending on what angles you are looking at. Which means I got one terrific-looking model it was like shooting an artista.

I got to play around with strobes, which I further tinkered on photoshop.

I put in some tricks of my own during post-processing. I am more of a pp guy who loves to play around. Whenever I shoot someone I always leave a room where i can put some textures I had downloaded and mixed it up in a composite.

Anyways it was a shoot which you could consider bitin for lack of time.

Model: Carla Llanto
MUA: Jay Alternado
Co-shooters: Raph Banta, Achi Coloma, Joemar Lamata and Jay Alternado.
Location: Sun City Davao


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