Photoshop Fail!

"Photoshop Fail" is a term used to describe a failure of epic proportions in the application of photoshop in pictures.

We often use photoshop to enhance photos or to create acceptable forms of art but when it becomes unintentionally ridiculous then it transforms into what we call photoshop fail.

Last weekend the Department of Public Works and Highways became the butt of jokes and the object of scorn when a picture showing three DPWH officials; Underscretary Romeo Momo, Director Rey Tagudando and District Engineer Mikunug Macud inspecting the damaged portion of the Roxas Baywalk and Seawall battered byTyphoon Pedring was uploaded in the DPWH's Facebook page.

Pierre Albert San Diego,a blogger who is a civil engineer by profession noticed that something was not right in the photo. Upon closer examination he concluded that the image was indeed photoshopped in such a crappy manner.

One could see that the feet of the DPWH officials didn't blend well with the background photo which is the Roxas baywalk. In photoshop you can add the qualities of a certain picture in another picture to produce a composite image such as this one. It's a tricky process, you need the eye to see the details and correct technical skills to fine-tune the composite into an acceptable and realistic photo.

In a TV interview, Undersecretary Momo who is no stranger to Davao media as he was once assigned as the DPWH regional director in Caraga said that during that day they were actually inspecting the site but were not standing in that particular area. Some smart guy from the DPWH public information office decided to "impress" upon the officials his photoshop skills and voila it was uploaded on Facebook and the rest is history.

The photo also spawned numerous versions.

DPWH at the last supper

At Leyte beach 1944

DPWH joins the Spartans

No Other Woman extras


Usec. Momo said that an investigation under the orders of a furious DPWH Secretary Rogelio Singson was conducted and the DPWH photoshopper was suspended from his work to await for further sanctions.

It reminded me of a particular story during the time of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, on her visit to a far-flung province she noticed that the imposing welcome banner which contains her picture had one serious flaw.... The photoshop artist who made the banner had misplaced her mole infuriating the hot-tempered President.

There are also notable photoshop fails in the world. Before the DPWH photo there was the Chinese highway inspection photoshop fail which showed a group of Chinese officials supposedly inspecting a road project.

While attending the launch of Davao City's new tourism branding campaign I saw this.

I find the head dress in the eagle too tacky, again the "head dress" texture did not blend well to the eagle's head, it stuck like a sore thumb in an otherwise great branding campaign.


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